Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

We help customers ‘stay relevant’ in their markets (reduce costs) and help them discover high-potential products/services in adjacent markets.


Our niche is in manufacturing and renewable energy sectors, but we are happy to engage with clients in other sectors and extend our knowledge (inferences).


These projects are generally split into:

Cost Management

Revenue Improvement

Cost Management

Analysis of existing fixed & variable costs of the product/service, and ways to reduce them are considered.

Align Incentives

  • Internal suppliers (Transfers)
  • External suppliers (Partnerships)

Reduce Bottlenecks

  • Production centre
  • Administration
  • Management

Reorganise Responsibilities

  • Cost centre
  • Profit centre
  • Investment centre

Revenue Improvement

Analysis of the revenue model – product/service, and ways to improve the price and volume are considered.

Existing Markets

  • Customer expectations
  • New technologies
  • Market changes

Adjacent Markets

  • Current/Future potential
  • Political/Environmental/Technology impacts