IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Given the rise in global cyber-attacks (banks & healthcare firms) since the pandemic, a robust internal IT infrastructure is an immediate necessity for any firm.


We offer some of the popular products (not restricted to) used by leading firms to increase efficiencies, and help our clients stay ahead on the technology frontier. Each product/service can be customised to suit our clients’ requirements.


These products would help firms:

  1. Automate Tasks
  2. Create Customised Applications
  3. Backup Data
  4. Secure Data
  5. Manage Data
  6. Market Products & Services
  7. Manage Tasks
  8. Evaluate Employee Performance

Tailormade IT Solutions to
Help Firms be Productive

Automate Tasks

For example, robotic process automation, chatbots, etc.

Create Customised Applications

These apps could be SaaS, PaaS, ERP, etc.

Backup Data

For instance, DBA, blockchains, cloud storage services, etc.

Secure Data

Key apps include firewalls, antivirus & internet security, VPN, AI enabled authentication & security systems, cloud security, etc.

Manage Data

These tasks involve data analytics, business intelligence, trend analysis, etc.

Market Products & Services

These services include email & social media marketing, websites, Android & iOS apps, etc.

Manage Tasks

Important apps are billing, accounting, supply chain management, import/export assistance, etc.

Evaluate Employee Performance

Some essential apps include attendance monitoring, web conferences, etc.